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Today’s alternative to sliding patio doors, Vinylguard’s Garden Doors are available in 2, 3, and 4 panel systems. Choose from a traditional side swing system or optimize your wall space with a centre swing system. Vinylguard Garden Doors are conveniently available with sliding screens, allowing you to open up your space and bring the fresh outdoor air into your home. These screens can be painted to match your doors, providing a smart and unified look.

79-1/2" & 82" Garden Doors

2 Panel 3 Panel 4 Panel
GD2-A-812 GD3-A-812 GD4-A-812
GD2-A-813 GD3-A-813 GD4-A-813
GD2-A-814 GD3-A-814 GD4-A-814
GD2-A-815 (BEVELS) GD3-A-815 (BEVELS) GD4-A-814 (BEVELS)
GD2-A-817-MB GD3-A-817-MB GD4-A-817-MB
GD2-A-195 (CLEAR) GD3-A-195 (CLEAR) GD4-A-195 (CLEAR)


98" Garden Doors

2 Panel 3 Panel 4 Panel
GD2-A-913 GD3-A9-13 GD4-A-913
GD2-A-914 GD3-A-914 GD4-A-914
GD2-A-917-MB GD3-A-917-MB GD3-A-917-MB



98" Executive Garden Doors

2 Panel 3 Panel 4 Panel
8EXGD2-A-812 8EXGD3-A-812 8EXGD4-A-812
8EXGD2-A-813 8EXGD3-A-813 8EXGD4-A-813
8EXGD2-A-814 8EXGD3-A-814 8EXGD4-A-814
8EXGD2-A-815 (Bevels) 8EXGD3-A-815 (Bevels) 8EXGD4-A-815 (Bevels)
8EXGD2-A-817-MB 8EXGD3-A-817-MB GD4-A-817-MB
8EXGD2-A-195 (Clear) 8EXGD3-A-195 (Clear) 88EXGD4-A-195 (Clear)





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